Windows File Explorer

KONNEKT is fully integrated in the Windows File Explorer. Open File Explorer and you'll find a new item KONNEKT in the navigation pane.

It could take 1 to 3 min (depending on the number of sites) until KONNEKT has discovered your SharePoint sites. Give the discovery process some time to find the sites you are allowed to access.

KONNEKT does NOT download your documents to the client. it is a synchronized view of your SharePoint library.

Under General, you`ll find 4 items: Upload, History, Offline Files, Accounts:


The place where the data queue is located, which you're uploading to the SPS. Here you can find all your data if something goes wrong during the upload process (Internet connection lost..). The files will be automatically deleted as long as they are successfully uploaded to the SP.


The files which have changed or opened in your sites.

Offline Files

All the files you would like to use offline. Available on OneDrive sites only, by right-click on the file you need to use it offline -> Konnekt -> Offline available.


you'll find here the account(s) you used to login to your tenant(s).

If you want to use multi-tenancy, you can add more than one Microsoft 365 account.

Right click mouse and you’ll get the Add an O365 account option to be able to add another Microsoft 365 account.

If you right-click on your existing site you will get the following options:

  • Re-authenticate account

  • Add share: to add shares manually.

  • Pause account: to stop the synchronization temporarily.

  • Delete account.

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