What is KONNEKT?

KONNEKT brings files that are stored in SharePoint Online document libraries to your Windows File Explorer.

KONNEKT works online. It does not sync files to your local disk and waste space there. That is why KONNEKT does a great job in VDI environments like Citrix or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

The main differences between OneDrive Sync Client and KONNEKT are:


OneDrive Sync Client


Are the files synced to the local machine?



Which libraries do I see in my Windows Explorer?

I mark libraries to be synced manually

I automatically see all libraries I have access to*

Drive-Letter support



Works in VDI environments (e.g. Citrix or AVD/WVD)



Support for UNC addressing



* Scope can be configured.

You have the option to use KONNEKT side-by-side with Microsoft 365 or stand-alone by replacing the OneDrive client. But in every configuration KONNEKT is a helpful leap to the Office 365 ecosytem (Office, Outlook, SharePoint,...) by providing not only the documents and data but also the right options to jump directly to the Sharepoint Online Site, providing the links to share or make the versions of a file accessible.


KONNEKT is a client-side tool - there is no backend. Data is transferred directly between the KONNEKT client and the SharePoint Online services. Thus, the data neither run over external systems, nor are they stored on the publisher systems. KONNEKT uses the native Microsoft APIs (SPO, ODB, Graph, etc.) with standard Microsoft authentication to access Microsoft 365. This means that conditional access is also effective for access from KONNEKT to SharePoint Online.




Drive Letter Mapping and Network Shares

Uses a deeply integrated network provider technology. A sophisticated implementation allows UNC paths and drive letter mapping.

Explorer Integrated

Integrates into the Windows File Explorer structure.

Citrix and Terminal Services Support

Transparent access to any SharePoint from Citrix and Terminal Services


Connects to multiple tenants simultaneously


Supports the co-authoring of Microsoft Office 365

These docs cover the technical aspects of KONNEKT. All other information can be found on https://konnekt.io/