System requirements

Client Machine

Operating System

  • Windows or Windows Server

    • with current and complete system updates and

    • supported by Microsoft via Mainstream Support.

    • Older Windows versions may work - we offer limited support for those systems.

KONNEKT runs in different VDI environments:

  • Hypervisor systems (e.g. Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon),

  • Multi-session systems (e.g. Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Terminal server/RDS) and

  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (VVD)

  • Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC

KONNEKT works independently from:

  • .NET

  • specific Citrix versions

  • Microsoft365 Apps (fka Office365 ProPlus)

  • OneDrive Sync Client

Processor Platform

  • 64 Bit X86 (Intel & AMD)

  • 32 Bit X86 (Intel & AMD)

  • 64 Bit ARM

Office 365 Licensing

  • OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online subscriptions are required for KONNEKT users.

Proxy Settings

We highly recommend excluding all traffic to Microsoft 365 from proxy usage. For more details, please have a look at Microsoft's network connectivity principles.

However, KONNEKT is using the proxy settings of the Windows OS. If a proxy server is set, KONNEKT will use this proxy server.

In detail, KONNEKT calls WinHttpGetProxyForUrl with the URI to examine, if a proxy must be used.

To bypass your proxy server with traffic from KONNEKT, please make sure, that Windows OS will exclude the URI from proxy usage.

You may do this by putting this URI on the exclude list in your proxy PAC file.

You should also make sure, that the KONNEKT client can reach Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and SharePoint Online without being interfered by proxy servers or other application layer gateways (ALG) such as firewalls etc.

KONNEKT can use proxy servers. However, we offer limited support for clients that are experiencing network connectivity-related issues while connecting to Microsoft 365 via proxy server or other application layer gateways (ALG).

Firewall and Network settings

It is recommended to "Bypass Allow endpoints on network devices and services that perform traffic interception, SSL decryption, deep packet inspection, and content filtering"

Whitelist Graph API URL

  • The Graph API is a RESTful API that uses HTTPS calls. Each API call technically has a unique UR

  • To allow for use of different versions of the API, whitelist

Whitelist KONNEKT

Microsoft EntraID (Azure AD)

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