System requirements

Client Machine

Operating System

  • Windows or Windows Server
    • with current and complete system updates and
    • supported by Microsoft via Mainstream Support.
    • Older Windows versions may work - we offer limited support for those systems.
KONNEKT runs in different VDI environments:
  • Hypervisor systems (e.g. Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon),
  • Multi session systems (e.g. Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Terminalserver/RDS) and
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (VVD)
  • Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC
KONNEKT works independent from:
  • .NET
  • specific Citrix versions
  • Microsoft365 Apps (fka Office365 ProPlus)
  • OneDrive Sync Client

Processor Platform

  • 64 Bit X86 (Intel & AMD)
  • 32 Bit X86 (Intel & AMD)
  • 64 Bit ARM

Office 365 Licensing

  • OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online subscriptions are required for KONNEKT-users.
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