Software updates

How do I know?

If a software update is available, KONNEKT informs the user with a toast, if the user has local admin priviledges.
You may alternatively observe the context menu of the KONNEKT tray icon (right click), if there is a new version available.

Manual download of current setup files

You can get the latest version of KONNEKT here.

Executing the update

Local admin permissions are required to execute an update of KONNEKT.
Please follow the following steps to update KONNEKT:
    Uninstall the previous version of KONNEKT
    Install the current version of KONNEKT (see Setup for details)
    Reboot the machine, if KONNEKT asks for a reboot.
Why do I have to reboot the machine?
An important module of KONNEKT is a kernel driver. This type of drivers can be updated with a reboot of the machine, only.

Recommended update procedure

Managed FAT clients should be updated by the client management system (e.g. MEM/Intune)
VDI servers should be updated by admins only.
Last modified 4mo ago