Skip Account Wizard

Available in KONNEKT 2.2.0 or newer

When KONNEKT starts, it automatically deploys KONNEKT for the current user including the setup of an account. With this policy, you can prevent this.

Policy name: SkipAccountWizard

Policy SettingBehavior

Disabled (Default)

KONNEKT shall be configured for the current user


KONNEKT shall NOT be configured for the current user

It is very important to populate this policy prior the first start of KONNEKT to be effective.

Please see also here for related information on this topic.

There are several ways to apply the policy

  1. Via GPO, see settings via GPO

  2. Pushing policies via Intune, see settings for Intune Managed Devices

  3. Manually by adding the key in the registry

Manual setting in the registry

You do not need this if you use GPO or Intune management

  • Value name: SkipAccountWizard

  • Value type: REG_DWORD

  • Value data: 0 or 1

    • 0 = disabled

    • 1 = enabled

  • Value stored in:

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\GlueckKanja\Konnekt

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