Subscribe a subset of users

It is allowed to subscribe KONNEKT for a subset of the SharePoint Online users in a tenant. Please see our licensing guide for details on licensing.

However, there are some things, you should care about, to ensure proper usage:

  • Assign license key to subscribed users, only

  • Install KONNEKT on machines with subscribed users, only

Assign licenses

You must make sure, that only those users, who are subscribed to KONNEKT have a license key. To achieve this, please assign the license key on a user-basis, only:

  • Disabled the license key on the machine level on all machines.

  • Set the license key on user level for all users that are subscribed to KONNEKT.

Details on how to set license keys can be found here.

Disable KONNEKT on machines

You should install KONNEKT on machines with subscribed users, only.

In case of multi-user systems like VDI, there may be machines, where both types of users (subscribed/non-subscribed) are working. In those cases, you should prevent, that KONNEKT is generating an account for non-subscribed users. You can do this by disabling the Account Setup Wizard for the non-subscribed users. You can find details on this here.

Once you have installed KONNEKT on a machine, you must disable the Account Setup Wizard prior the first login of the user(s) to be effective.

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