Preferences Menu

Under Preferences you see the following KONNEKT settings.


The first tab in Preferences is General

In this menu you can enable or disable four check boxes:

  • Enable Office Co-Authoring (enabled by default)

  • Connect first OneDrive Personal volume to drive H:

  • Enable SharePoint Sites

  • Automatically add all SharePoints document libraries

It is also possible to change the download directory. Additionally you can select a log level: Off, Error, Info or Debug. Depending on what the user selects, the status messages in the Log will change. For more info check Log level

Log Level



does not record activites and events.


only records errors.


logs general activities and it logs accesses to SharePoint and cloud storages. This is the default setting.


records even more detailed activities and events. Debug is a combination of Error and Info. This logging is the most comprehensive recording method.


The second tab of preferences is License

In the input field, you can see your license key (KONNEKT is activated for this key). Licensed to show for whom the license is activated and how many clients can use it. Expires in shows when a purchased license expires.


The last tab is About which contains information about the current installed version and a link to the KONNEKT website.

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