How to deal with error(s)

On this page, we will explain how to deal with errors that occurred for any reason, without losing your uploaded/edited files.

Sometimes and for different reasons (connectivity problems, throttling..) the upload process could be interrupted and failed, this will give an error for each file and the files will be kept in Cache Folder:


When error(s) occurs, files will remain in Cache folder until you deal with them.

The error(s) will be shown in KONNEKT Explorer window under Errors

By right mouse click on an error three options:

  • Retry failed upload: this will retry the upload process again. If it success the error will automatically disappear

  • Export file to download folder: this will export the file to your user download folder and delete the error automatically

  • Discard your changes: this option will ignore the error without saving the file

Deleting all Errors together

This feature is applicable to version 2.0 and above

In some cases, you want to ignore all errors together (e.g. to free the Cache folder space), you can do it by right click on KONNEKT Icon in Explorer window and Close file errors

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