Opening MS Office documents display a warning message
You might see this error message when KONNEKT Office Co-Authoring is enabled.
The issue behind this warning is the restrictions of Microsoft site zones.
Solution 1:
To prevent this warning, you need to add the server shown in the error message to the Trusted Sites Zone in the Internet Explorer setting.
Solution 2:
    Open either Word, Excel or PowerPoint on the desktop
    Select File
    Select Options
    Select Trust Center
    Select Trust Center Settings
    Select Trusted Locations
    Select Add New Location...
    Add the shown domain of your practice's OneDrive
    Checkmark "Sub folders of this location are also trusted"
    Click OK to save.
Solution 3:
You can disable the Co-Authoring in KONNEKT:
    if it is enabled by right clicking on the KONNEKT tray icon
    Then click Preferences
    Disable the check box for Office Co-Authoring
Last modified 4mo ago
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