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Opening MS Office documents display a warning message

You might see this error message when KONNEKT Office Co-Authoring is enabled.
The issue behind this warning is the restrictions of Microsoft site zones.
Solution 1:
To prevent this warning, you need to add the server shown in the error message to the Trusted Sites Zone in the Internet Explorer setting.
Solution 2:
  • Open either Word, Excel or PowerPoint on the desktop
  • Select File
  • Select Options
  • Select Trust Center
  • Select Trust Center Settings
  • Select Trusted Locations
  • Select Add New Location...
  • Add the shown domain of your practice's OneDrive
  • Checkmark "Sub folders of this location are also trusted"
  • Click OK to save.
Solution 3:
You can disable the Co-Authoring in KONNEKT:
  • if it is enabled by right clicking on the KONNEKT tray icon
  • Then click Preferences
  • Disable the check box for Office Co-Authoring