Tray Menu

To configure the basic settings of KONNEKT, you can use the tray menu. A right-click on the KONNEKT icon opens the following menu:


Shows current version of your KONNEKT.

Check for Update

To check if there is an update for KONNEKT just click Check for update. KONNEKT will search for a newer version and install it automatically.

Last Checked

Shows how much time has passed since the last search for an update.


To get an overview of activities, events and errors of KONNEKT. To open it just click on Log in the tray menu.

A Log looks like the following example:


If you want to close KONNEKT and stop the connection to SharePoint and OneDrive click Exit in the tray menu.

To restart KONNEKT, click the KONNEKT icon in your Windows Explorer, or re-open it from the Start menu.

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