Office365 Co-Authoring

Microsoft Office 365 Co-Authoring is a technology, that allows you advanced collaboration with Microsoft Office files. One of the benefits is, that multiple users can work on an co-authoring friendly office file simultaneously.

Setting in KONNEKT

KONNEKT can leverage Microsoft Office 365 Co-Authoring, when opening files from Windows File Explorer. In this case, KONNEKT just hands over the SharePoint URL of a file to the corresponding Microsoft 365 App (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The App will then load the file directly from SharePoint Online.

This setting will affect Office files, that are opened from Windows File Explorer, only.

Other use-cases (e.g. KONNEKT file is opened from Office App) are not covered and Co-Authoring & Auto-Save will not work.

We recommend using Microsoft Office 365 Co-Authoring, since it has valuable benefits. This is why Co-Authoring is activated by default in KONNEKT.

Microsoft supports Co-Authoring is not supported for password protected files. Best Practices for Co-Authoring

Instead use sensitivity labeling to keep information safe.

However, if you do not want to use Co-Authoring and want to load office files through KONNEKT instead, you can use this setting and deactivate it.

Here are the possible settings:






KONNEKT handles up- and downloads to SharePoint Online for Microsoft Offices files.

Files are opened exclusively - Office 365 Co-Authoring is not working.

Enable (default)


KONNEKT will delegate the file-handling to the Microsoft Office apps for KONNEKT files that are opened from Windows File Explorer.

Microsoft Office 365 Co-Authoring and Auto-Save is available for those files.


You can find this setting in the preferences menu:


Policy Name: Co-Authoring

Possible values: can be enabled or disabled.

The default value is enabled.

We recommend to use our ADMX template to configure this setting. You will find the policy in "System settings" in GPO editor.


There are several ways to apply the policy:

Policies stored in:



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