To setup KONNEKT you first have to meet the security requirements:

  • admin consent

  • conditional access config (if used)

Please see here for details.

Download current setup files

You can get the latest version of KONNEKT here.

If you want (as an admin) to grant tenant-wide consent for KONNEKT please visit here

Interactive Installation

KONNEKT setup requires local admin permissions

You can install KONNEKT by running the MSI file interactively. The setup dialog will start:

Click next.

Accept the license terms and click next.

You may then enter your license key.

If you do not enter a license key, you start a 14 days trial version.

KONNEKT is now ready to start the setup.

Click Finish to finalize the setup.

After the installation is successfully finished, a pop up window shows up automatically to connect your Office 365 account and grant the required permissions to create an Enterprise Application in your tenant (see screenshots below).

To grant the permissions, you have to log in with an admin account or an account that has permissions to create an Enterprise Application in your tenant.

To grant the permissions tenant-wide please check Grant tenant-wide admin consent

Silent Installation

If you want a silent installation without any user interface interaction you can use the following msiexec command after downloading the msi installation file from here and rename it to konnekt: msiexec /quiet /qn /norestart /i konnekt.msi LICENSE_KEY=<YourKey>

Instead of the <YourKey> in the end, enter your license key.

After the trial period, it is recommended to set the license key to machine level (HKLM).

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