Download Directory

The Download Directory is the path where KONNEKT saves files to, that the user wants to recover.

The typical use-case is, that an error happened during the transfer of a file to SharePoint Online. In this case KONNEKT will show an error in Windows File Explorer. One option for users is to "export file to download folder".

You can find more about handling errors here.

Default location

The default location for the Download Directory is %USERPROFILE%\Downloads.

Set by user

Users can change the location manually in the preferences dialog, as long as the policy is not set.


This policy is available in KONNEKT 2.6.0 or newer


Policy name: Download Directory

Policy Group: KONNEKT / System Settings

Policy SettingBehavior

Not configured

The user-setting/default is used.


The Download Directory configured in the policy is used by KONNEKT. The user can not change the Download Directory via the preference dialog.


The user-setting/default is used.

Apply the policy

  1. Via GPO, see settings via GPO

  2. Pushing policies via Intune, see settings for Intune Managed Devices

Make sure to use the most current ADMX file, that matches your KONNEKT version.

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